Good Friday: Thirsty for justice

Post Summary: On Good Friday, Jesus' next to last words were: "I am thirsty." Today, Kari Costanza writes about Obed, a young man in Uganda who is also thirsty — thirsty for justice. “If a life is saved,” he says, “there is no greater good than that.” Read how this Ugandan superhero's initiative and tireless work within his community are helping to save children from the evil of child sacrifice. It’s Good Friday. I know exactly when it will happen

Modi embraced media which hounded him for more than a decade

By Praveen Shukla ‘Prathak’ When photogenic John F Kennedy outsmarted Richard Nixon in 1960s Presidential election in America, Nixon started cursing television and television reciprocated the same. In a TV show in the next election, Nixon whined that gimmicks are used to get elected. Kennedy straight away pronounced, “Television is not a gimmick.” After the much talked about riots under Narendra Modi’s leadership in Gujarat,…

Gopal Gandhi’s comments on the CBI

The former West Bengal’s Governor deserves to be complimented for his comments on the Central Bureau of Investigation. Shri Gopal Gandhi was invited to deliver the DP Kohli Memorial lecture which is annually organised by the CBI. After analysing the statutory scheme of functioning of the CBI, Mister Gandhi linked the CBI to the dirty tricks department of the Government. This should shake the conscious of the officials of the CBI. CBI is…

Brazil: a role model for development?

What can the rest of the developing world learn from Brazil's economic development and narrowing inequality gap? Researchers explain the three elements of sustained growthBrazil isn't getting the best press at the moment, with ongoing problems with the construction of the World Cup stadiums and protests about public services. Recently economic growth in the country has slowed, with some commentators arguing the recent government response sounds "the death knell for Brazil's economic strategy".It's remarkable how far and fast Brazil

Global alliance warns of no end to poverty unless countries pull together

Mexico meeting concludes with call for greater collaboration and better mobilisation of resources to meet Busan targetsThe fight to end poverty is at "a critical juncture" and will require greater collaboration and stronger political will, delegates at a high-level meeting in Mexico have warned. Continue reading...

Fair but not vindictive

Narendra Modi, the NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate, in an interview to the television news agency ANI made a significant comment. The next Government will function on positive agenda and not be vindictive. India is changing. The people are becoming restless. The aspirational class is expanding. People expect to live in a system where the quality of their life is significantly enhanced. The new generation is looking for education,…

Obama’s equal-pay myth is one thing. The GOP’s chauvinism is a problem | Ana Marie Cox

Go ahead, turn the White House's 77-cents quote into the new 47% video. But don't preach until you know where wage-gap vigilantism gets usRepublicans have been both very right and very wrong about their many objections over the past week to the White House's flashy "paycheck equality" push. They're right to characterize it as a mostly political ploy, an unserious legislative gambit to prove that Republicans are insensitive to the needs of working women. (Who knows why Democrats felt