A way out of illiteracy

Post Summary: Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day with us today! After a survey found that more than 40% of school children in a district of Ethiopia couldn't read, World Vision piloted a reading camps program. Read how these camps are transforming literacy and the lives of children in Ethiopia, and our plans for the future! According to a reading skill assessment conducted by World Vision and Save the Children, more than 40 percent of primary school children

How Happy Are People Who Sponsor a Child?

How happy are people who sponsor a child? Well, they’re happier than… You can also view the Happier Than video on YouTube. My Account l Sponsor a Child l Help Babies and Moms l Crisis Updates

God Prepares Our Hearts to Answer His Call

I didn’t realize it fully at the time, but God had been preparing my heart for years to be Judah’s mom. On May 1, 2009, I wrote in my journal about how shocked we were to find out we were expecting again. Even though I’m nervous about how this will all work out, I fully trust and believe that I am pregnant with this child for a reason and that God has chosen them to join our family. I know

Mrs Vadra’s pain

Mrs Priyanka Vadra claims not to be in politics. She helps her mother and brother in their constituencies which she is entitled to. Yesterday, she commented that she was pained at the personal attacks on her husband Robert Vadra, who has been in controversy over the nature of his investments. Prima facie, it is the case of investments without original capital and an unprecedented return. There is obviously something much more than meets the…

Capt Amarinder Singh, here’s why Tytler has Sikh blood on his hands

A report on the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom, jointly prepared by the PUCL and PUDR and published under the title, Who Are the Guilty? names Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, along with other Congress leaders, of leading and instigating murderous mobs. The report quotes well-known journalist Sudip Mazumdar: “The Police Commissioner, SC Tandon was briefing the Press (about 10 Indian reporters and five foreign journalists) in his office on…

Goodbye Arvind Kejriwal!

By Harshal Tripathi Starting with betraying Anna Hazare and breaking down a mass movement, Arvind Kejriwal has been making many mistakes. He is the most self-centered person I’ve ever seen. His every move is designed to make himself bigger and stronger and for that reason, he wouldn’t hesitate to shake hands even with anti-national elements. But this time he has made a mistake which will bring about his political doom. He is cunning…

Captain’s defence of Jagdish Tytler – The Devil’s Advocate

1984 will always go down as the year of bad memories. The massacre of innocent Sikhs following the assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi remains a black spot on Indian democracy. The fact that the innocents can be killed in thousands is terrible. What is worse is that the guilty went unpunished. The collusion of the State was visible. None of the rioters were fired upon by the police. They were given a safe passage to loot and kill. For…